4 Stylish Bay Window Design Ideas to Try Out


Bay windows are an excellent window type for adding drama to your home’s exterior and interior. Since they jut out of your home, they can add an interesting geometrical feature to your exterior. In addition, bay windows add space to your interior, a unique feature among windows. ... Read More

Window Replacement: The Importance of Hiring a Pro

Renewal by Andersen Contractors

Some homeowners think that the DIY route is the best way to go for a window replacement. They fail to realize, however, that choosing to work with an expert can save them time and money. For instance, a simple mistake on the installation can make or break the performance of their new windows. In addition, improperly installed windows will ... Read More

Upgrade Your Patio: Why Install a French Patio Door

Sliding French Door

If your home’s appearance has started to get a bit boring for you, give it a fresh look by implementing some upgrade projects. Changing the look of your home, however, doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to undergo a major overhaul. Simple upgrades, such as installing new windows and doors, can provide significant effects. ... Read More